The Matrice 200

We recently traveled to Denver to take an up close look at the M200 series and how what advantages it has over the Inspire 1.

First noticeable difference is size. You can see from the specs below that an increase in size needed to happen to get the extended flight time of 38 minutes and allow for ability to have 2 changeable cameras. The disadvantage to having a larger drone is the ease of transporting goes down. You now have to have a large enough space to keep the drone safely stored. DJI knows this so they designed the M200 arms to fold in and landing gear to be disconnected. The case size is reduced but now you have more set up time compared to the Inspire 1 stored in landing mode.


Diagonal Wheelbase 25.3 inch (643 mm)

Number of Batteries 2

Weight (TB50)Approx. 3.80 kg

Weight (TB55)Approx. 4.53 kg

Max Takeoff Weight 6.14 KG

Inspire 1:

Diagonal Distance(propeller excluded)22.8 inch (581 mm, Landing Mode)

Weight 6.27 lbs (2845 g, including propellers and battery, without gimbal and camera) Weight 6.74 lbs (3060 g, including propellers, battery and Zenmuse X3)

After the size comparison the M200 has the Inspire 1 beat in every category.

Pictured is the top mounted camera, it is the first DJI drone to have the ability to look up.

This is a picture of the adapter which allows this drone to fly almost every camera dji has to offer.

The Z30 camera which is a 30x optical zoom camera which you have to see in person to understand how amazing this camera is.

Hopefully this indicates that DJI will allow for 3rd party devices. Adding things like a payload drop system greatly expands the usability of the drone.

Other things we look forward to not pictured:

Daylight readable crystalsky screen

IP 43 protection (Rain)

Flight traffic information ads-b receiver

Collision avoidence sensors and first person view camera

Check out the DJI website for more information or call us at 605-221-4400 to schedule a demonstration!

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